Oil Seals - Rotary Shaft Seals


Oil seals are rings made of various soft, non-metallic materials that are used to prevent leakage of liquids in hydraulic machines. In order to prevent wear from friction, hydraulic machines have a gap between the rotating shaft and the housing; oil seals are used to prevent fluid from leaking from this gap. They serve a dual purpose: both to retain the oil and to keep contaminants from entering the system. Oil rings can come in a variety of designs, materials, and sizes to fit every need.

Oil seals can be fitted with a single or double lip. Double lip oil rings are designed to prevent corrosion and to keep out dirt and dust. Some oil seals are spring-loaded to maintain contact between the seal lip and the shaft. The oil ring may be made out of a variety of materials; high speed shafts require special materials designed to withstand high heat, such as silicone, polyacrylate, or fluoroelastomer.

Types of Oil Seals:

Types of Rotary Shaft Seals